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Welcome back to our worship blog! I say “our” worship blog because the intent for this is still to be able to connect and worship communally in the knowledge that together we are listening to the same songs, reading the same words, and putting in work to glorify God in what we are doing during days of isolation and uncertainty. This week, John is preaching on seeing God in our healthcare workers who are putting their own wellbeing at risk for the benefit of our nation and our world. As you worship in this way with the songs and the reading, take some time to reflect on the message and think about what it means to see a perfect God imaged in imperfect people who are doing Christ-like work.

Build My Life – Pat Barrett –

No One But You – Hillsong Worship –

By now, you are maybe starting to sense a pattern in our songs and the themes that I attempt to draw attention to. In our opening songs, I like to emphasize the “why” behind our worship. God is our foundation. Without this foundation, we would clearly not be doing church “long-distance,” and our hope for tomorrow would be bleak, but this foundation is so much more crucial than we often discuss. God made the rocks on which the foundations of our houses sit. It is only due to God’s provision that we have jobs, and entertainment, and food in our pantries. As we focus our minds to sing together, even if we are in different physical spaces, let us remember the One who has made all of this possible from the very beginning.

Good Grace – Hillsong United –

In the message this week, Pastor John paints the image of a united people, walking together towards one goal; fighting a pandemic alongside one another. As you listen to this song this week, my hope is that you can indeed take courage and that you will be able to remember where our help comes from. There are lyrics in the description, or if you turn on “closed captions,” the lyrics will appear on the screen for you to sing along with.

Jesus Paid It All – Newsboys –

Death Was Arrested – North Point InsideOut –

Just in case you have lost track in the midst of all the changes, next week is Easter. It is perhaps more appropriate than we originally thought that the Covid pandemic happened during Lent, a season of waiting. As we turn our hearts and our minds towards the great sacrifice of our Saviour, I would like us to all be thinking about Jesus’ early followers. It is something of a long standing tradition throughout Christian history to wait and see what God will do next, and perhaps the most notable is the period of waiting between Christ’s crucifixion and His resurrection. Though we do not know what tomorrow will bring, we can have faith that just as God’s plan was good then, His plan is good now.


Just a friendly reminder: if you prefer a playlist to the individual YouTube links, our Spotify playlist is also an option. I will be updating the playlist every week and making sure that the songs I have selected for that week will be at the top of the playlist. Thanks and God Bless!

Spotify Playlist –


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With our situation ever evolving, I hope that you all have managed to find rest and peace in Christ this week. As we delve into more psychology this week, I have chosen some songs to focus our attention on God our father and our comforter. Michelle’s message is breaking down more of the psychology and science of our brain and what happens when we are confronted with things that elicit a fear response. So, as you listen to and perhaps sing the following songs, I encourage you to be thinking about who God is and how unchanging he is in the face of fear.

Goodness Of God – Bethel Music –

Your Glory / Nothing But The Blood – All Sons and Daughters –

As always, it is important to remember why we worship and who we are worshiping. “Goodness of God” is a statement of truth and a commitment of our aspiration to worship God in all things. In the face of fear, in the darkest valleys, and on the highest mountains, God is good and God is faithful. The second song, a medley of “Your Glory” and “Nothing but the Blood,” reminds us that more than simply being good, when we fail to see the beauty in the things around us we can always see the beauty in God’s sovereignty and glory as well as in Christ’s sacrifice for us. The link to “Your Glory / Nothing but the Blood” doesn’t have any lyrics attached, so while you are welcome to sing along as you learn the words or search for a video with lyrics attached, I encourage you to sit and listen to the words and internalize them as a prayer: “Lord, may I always behold your glory with awe and thankfulness.”

I Will Fear No More – The Afters –

If you watched this week’s sermon before reading this blog post, you will recognize this song as the one I sang as our response to Michelle’s message. I don’t want to step on Michelle’s toes and speak too much about what fear is and how we can respond to it, but as you sing this song I want to draw special attention to the line in the second verse that says “when the wind and wave are coming, you shelter me.” In the midst of dark and uncertain times, it can be easy to believe that the only way to survive a storm is for God to calm the waves. However, what we see in scripture and what this song is hinting at is the reality that sometimes God’s solution is to shelter us from the waves rather than to make them go away.

No One But You – Hillsong Worship

Be Thou My Vision – Audrey Assad –

In closing, my hope is that over the course of the next week, and the next month, and however long this period lasts, we would be fixing our eyes on God instead of the problems in our midst. In Philippians 4:8, Paul says, “finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things,” and let us make that our goal this coming week.

One More thing,

This week, I have also compiled a list of songs that we have sung together, or that I have put in this worship blog, and created a Spotify playlist. Maybe you need to be reminded of these truths as you are driving to the grocery store to pick up essentials this week. Or, maybe you would like to be able to let these songs play in the background as you do work from home this week. However you use these songs and listen to music, I hope that this playlist is a helpful tool while you try to draw near to God throughout the week.

Spotify Playlist –

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Though it is week two of our non-traditional church services, and I miss your faces already, God is still good and so we still worship. As John unpacks what is going on in our world this week, I have put together a list of songs that I hope will encourage you, remind you where we find our strength and our comfort in times of trouble, and focus your eyes on the good in the midst of the bad. While listening to these songs, remember that we do not need to sing side-by-side for God to hear our praise and answer our prayers, whatever the answer may be. As was the case last week, if you would still like to sing a long at home, I have included links to the original artists’ recordings with lyrics attached in the description where possible!

10,000 Reasons – Matt Redman –

Goodness Of God – Bethel Music –

            The First two songs in our set are what you can think of as our typical opening call to worship. Both of these songs can serve to focus our hearts and minds on the reason we normally meet on Sundays for church, the reason we watch John’s sermon when it is online, and the reason we listen to and sing music: we do all these things as an act of worship. These songs also remind us that it is not just on Sunday mornings that worship occurs, nor is it simply singing songs of praise with the rest of our congregation. Our lives are to be worship and we are called to worship the Lord wholly in the depths of our despair, in our most triumphant and joyous moments, and every time in between.

It Is Well – Bethel Music –

For our song of response, “It Is Well” can help to remind us where we are to look to in our times of crisis and trial. This is a modern, recreation of an old him with new lyrics added to the verses and the bridge. One of the lines in the verse says “far be it from me to not believe, even when my eyes can’t see,” and I believe many Christians can identify with that statement right now. Though the situation is bad and it looks as if it will only get worse, we can have faith that God is not just waiting on the other side of this global pandemic, but he is in the crisis with us now.

Highs & Lows – Hillsong Young & Free –

God Himself Is With Us –

Our closing songs are starkly contrasting in style but unified in their message. As you listen to these songs, and as you go about the next week – whatever it may look like, I would like to encourage you to remember that our God sits with us in dark places. Psalm 23: 4-6 says

“Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. You prepare a table before me in the presence of my enemies; you anoint my head with oil; my cup overflows. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life, and I shall dwell in the house of the Lord forever.”

The valley may be longer than we were expecting, and the shadow may feel darker and colder than we ever expected, but God is still the one who is in control, even in trying times, and God is with is and in us through all of these things.

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Although at such a time as this we find ourselves in a place of being unable to gather together to worship corporately, together as one body of Christ, it is important to remember that we are still fully capable of worshiping. While our service may have been cancelled, music is still an important expression of our praise. Though we may not be worshiping through song together, we can still use songs of praise to focus our hearts and minds on things above, as well as on the good things that God has made. The following is a list of the songs we would have sang in person this Sunday, but I would like to encourage you to listen to them anyways and acknowledge the truth in the words. If you would still like to sing a long at home, I have included links to the original artists’ recordings with lyrics attached in the description where possible!

Look To The Son – Hillsong Worship


Come As You Are – David Crowder

These First two songs are intended to focus our minds and our hearts on God and how he has invited us to come into communion with him. In “Look To The Son,” we sing about who Christ is and why we come to worship him, and in “Come As You Are” the words speak to the truth that no matter where we are, physically or in our spiritual walk with Christ, we are invited to come and meet with God. As you listen to, and perhaps sing, these two songs you can consider the why behind our meetings – why we meet, why we are able to meet, and why we sing our praises to the God most high. Below are the links to these two songs and there are lyrics for both of them posted in the video descriptions.

Look to the Son:

Come as You Are:

Saturn – Sleeping At Last

“Saturn” is a beautiful song written by Ryan O’Neal. As you will hear, the piece begins with an instrumental that is reflective of the majesty and breadth of the cosmos, which is followed by lyrics that O’Neal says are “perhaps written from Galileo’s children(s) perspective” (Sleeping At Last [website], 2016). Similar to what we did last week, this song is not a typical Christian praise song. However, the beauty of God’s creation and the beauty of life, death, and resurrection are so present in the words and in the musicality of what Ryan O’Neal has created that we can worship and honor God simply by naming God’s presence in this work of art. Again, the lyrics for this song are in the video description if you are so inclined as to sing along!


Be Enthroned – Bethel Worship


Death Was Arrested – North Point InsideOut

Our closing songs for this week remind us of the greatness of the God we are worshiping. “Be Enthroned” speaks of us singing praises alongside all of creation, and “Death Was Arrested” points us back to Christ’s victory on the cross. As we look forward to our Easter season, I encourage you to take these truths with you in your daily lives. Truly, we worship a great God – the one who creates supernova’s and the God who conquered the grave to reconcile us to himself.

Be Enthroned:

Death was Arrested :

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