Meet our new Worship Coordinator and Part Time Pastor


Daniel Lee


Two years ago. Dan and John met for the first time at Ambrose. The music that day was very well done. So much so, that after the service John went up to the young worship/music leader and jokingly said, ‘I’m going to be starting a new church and would like you to sign a contract to be our worship leader’.  John says, “At first, he thought I was serious, and then he laughed and thanked me for the encouragement.”

Little did John know how prophetic that joke would be.  What’s even more amazing is how God works.  John emailed Dan on a faint hope.  Dan’s first thought evidently was quick ‘no’. But he didn’t. And then through a whole series of providential affirmations on his side — along with a few good conversations with John— he said, ‘yes’!

A student at Ambrose University, Dan is studying behavioural sciences to better understand and see God in and through his relationships and interactions with others. Dan plays guitar and bass and has studied under local guitarist and music producer, Cory Bitner. Daniel is passionate about music, people, and worshiping the Lord not only in song, but through every aspect of our daily lives.

Michelle Gritter

As Dan’s story was playing out, God was also inviting Michelle Gritter to play a crucial part.

One of the big challenges for John in taking on a .75 FTE position was filling the .25 preaching gap in a way that maintains a continuous sense of voice and vision. Meet Michelle Gritter – who just happens to have planted a church herself, and is a very strong leader and communicator, and totally ‘gets’ the God-everywhere vision!

Michelle is a trained family therapist who now practices in Calgary. She’s an adjunct professor at Providence Seminary in the Master of Psychology program and helps teach practicum courses for student therapists. She teaches about marriage and family, child and adolescent psychology, the psychology of aging, and a course on the integration of theology and psychology.

John spoke to Michelle about her talks and how she could turn them into sermons, saying “If all good family systems truth is God’s good family systems truth then this could be a very cool way to take the God-everywhere vision to the next level.”

The more they spoke about the idea the more real it became for both of them. What better way to help a group of disparate people coalesce around a new communal vision?

We are excited and looking forward to worshipping with Dan and Michelle in the months and years to come.  God is Good Indeed!

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Hello Everyone.

As a way of introducing myself I’d like to share a story with you.

Last week I met with Dirk Vrielink at Tim Hortons to work out some of the details of my calling to the church. Ten minutes into our conversation, a police officer stepped up to our table. As soon as I saw the officer I pointed to Dirk and said, “It was him!” The officer knew Dirk from the school Dirk works at. Then Dirk introduced me, “This is John, my pastor.”

After we shook hands, I told the officer that I really appreciated the work he did. I told him about how I’d preached a sermon on the work of a police officer — interviewing 4 Calgary Police Service officers as part of my research and also doing an interview with the Calgary Herald — and gained a new sense of gratitude for officers who — in a God-like way — run toward the danger and whose work keeps crime in check so that the rest of us can have the space to live in security and freedom. I looked the officer in the eye and said, “Where would our city be without the work you do? Thanks.”

Before he could say anything a five-year-old girl ran up to him and asked if she could give him a hug. Surprised, he looked over at her parents and asked if that would be okay and they eagerly nodded. After the hug the officer said, “That doesn’t happen very often!” He asked about the denomination of my church and after I explained that I was in transition we spoke briefly about his faith background. After a quick goodbye he moved on to order his coffee.

I turned to Dirk and apologized for breaking into “sermon mode” (but I wasn’t sorry). Neither was Dirk. For both of us this was a bit of a God-moment. I told Dirk that this is the kind of interaction that is indicative of the kind of church we’re going to be; a faith community that names God’s already-there presence in all things.

Driving home from the meeting I thought about how perfect that little series of events was. A police offer was deservedly thanked for his work — theologically and via a hug — and Dirk and I got to experience our first church outreach opportunity together.

My hope and dream is that our faith community will be filled with people who experience these kinds of stories all the time.

So, this is who I am. I see God in all things; at work, in relationships, in family, art, sport, politics, the economy, nature and so much more. I believe that our world belongs to God and that all things hold together in Christ. And I believe that naming God’s already-there presence in the world is a beautiful and compelling way to be God’s witness.

Pastor John

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